Turnkey Solutions

We integrate carrier-class and enterprise-class innovative products from our selected Partners to provide Turnkey Solutions to improve your business

Core and Next Generation Intelligent Edge

AGT Networks and our Partners provide communications solutions specifically designed to provide high security, availability and service quality both on-premise and cloud centric. Our portfolio combines Core and Intelligent Edge devices with centralized analytics, call control, intelligent routing and management functionality to help service providers and enterprises deliver high-quality business critical communications services over public and private networks. Edge solutions are certified to work with Microsoft Teams.
Included products: Session Border Controllers, Gateway, SIP Routers, Monitoring and Analytics

Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS)

AGT Networks and our Partners provide ubiquitous access to text, voice, video, screen sharing, and multi-media collaboration. Enterprises can deploy UC in their own network or in the cloud and acquire it as a service while leveraging their existing investments. Ranging from sophisticated mobile services to multi-media contact centers, Cloud UC Business delivers tools that improve user productivity and customer engagement. Our Cloud UC Business solution is built with the same proven infrastructure that drives millions of lines at service providers across the globe, whose elements are anchored in geographically redundant data centers, offering piece of mind that Cloud UC Business is ready for almost anything.

IT/OT Cybersecurity

AGT Networks and our Partners provide state of the art scalable cybersecurity solutions that empower your company to stay ahead of potential cyber threats. Employing Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning techniques along with the use of real time threat visualization, an autonomous response system may take action against in-progress cyber-threats. This limits the damage and stops the spread in real time by generating proportionate responses without impacting normal business operations and without the limitations of legacy cybersecurity solutions that rely on signatures and rules. Deployment options include On-Premise and Cloud, supporting IT, IoT and IIoT environments.

Network as a Service (NaaS) with Zero Trust Secure Access Service Edge (SASE)

AGT Networks and our Partners provide a Connectivity Solution that allows to spin up and manage an Overlay Internet Network using web-based orchestration tools and API’s. Key elements:

  • Software-defined
  • Encrypted
  • Highly secure
  • Highly performant
  • Application specific
  • Scalable
  • Cost effective
  • Service provider agnostic
Overlay networking is a method of using software to create layers of network abstraction that can be used to run multiple separate, discrete virtualized network layers on top of a physical network, providing new applications or security benefits. One major benefit of the Overlays is that since they are abstracted above network infrastructure, they are completely service-provider agnostic.
Zero Trust Networking and enhanced performance are innate to Cloud Native Networking through application specific segmentation across a global cloud fabric.

Cloud Computing Services

AGT Networks partners with Amazon Web Services to enable enterprises migrate workloads to the cloud in both public and hybrid environments. Our solution architects are ready to provide best practices and guide you to a successful implementation.
We also provide all the entire portfolio of AWS services with local invoicing in select countries. Contact us for full details.


These solutions provide CSPs with network and business visibility, in real time. AGT Networks’ know-how allows network operators to develop highly customized applications using multiple network and business data repositories.


AGT Networks works with a wide array of industry leading Network Equipment Providers (NEPs), Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) and technology providers (virtualization, compute, storage, analytics) to bring the required solutions to our customers.
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Our Services

Systems Integration

Offering industry leading solutions from Network Equipment Providers, Independent Software Vendors and IT and open source providers, AGT Networks is able to design, deploy and support a wide range of solutions that help our customers simply enhance an existing platform or create a new service offering

Professional Services

AGT Networks provides all professional services to its customers, including Installation, configuration, in-service and local on-site technical support. AGT Networks has invested heavily along the years in this area, as this is an added value to its customers.

Managed Services

Our customers live in a complex and rapidly changing world, We provide our customers with the ability to focus on core business requirements while we deploy and manage a new device, solution or service. By leveraging AGT Networks for managed services solutions our customers are able to accelerate time to market, gain increased value from capex and opex investments and rapidly respond to competitive or market changes all without losing focus on their core business.

Cloud Services

The cloud offers many benefits and challenges to CSPs and enterprises. AGT Networks helps customers create a strategy and timeline that is appropriate for their business. By understanding what components or solutions are suited for cloud deployment, AGT Networks works with our customers to evaluate if a private, public or hybrid cloud solution is appropriate.

Support / Technical Assistance Center (TAC)

AGT Networks has invested in resources and equipment in order to provide support services to its solutions and TAC services to its customers in the region. The fact that solutions integration may require HW/SW components from several providers, this service becomes very relevant in the selling of solutions.

Lab as a Service

New technology deployment models such as virtualization and Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) create challenges in integrating, sizing and managing these new solutions. AGT Networks has the skills and resources to help our customers model these complex solutions in our labs or our customer’s labs, providing our customers with the confidence to deploy new technologies and services that will greatly reduce operating costs without impacting service availability.

About Us

AGT Networks focuses on enabling Communications Service Providers (CSPs) and enterprises to evolve from legacy to next generation service delivery architectures that optimize network performance while providing increased visibility and control.

Our experts can simplify the design, deployment and ongoing support of signaling, packet core, monitoring, application delivery and unified communications solutions.

AGT Networks was founded and is comprised of industry veterans with decades of experience in telecom and enterprise networking and communications solutions.

Our customers benefit from the ability to define the level of support they need on a project by project basis, from simply augmenting existing staff to a fully outsourced and managed solution.


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